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DOB-Academy Team

Our team

Our team consists of experts in vastly diverse fields. Due to their different perspectives we are able to deliver an innovative and complete approach to all of our courses. This guarantees not only an exceptional academic experience, but also a well-rounded and realistic preparation for companies requiring guidance in a specific area of expertise.


Jan van der Tempel

Jan is the co-founder and director of DOB-Academy. He is an expert on offshore wind support structures and innovations. He previously was head of the Offshore Engineering Department at TU Delft and the inventor and founder of Ampelmann.

Laura Domenech

Laura is a course coordinator at DOB-Academy. She has a background in aerospace engineering and her expertise lies in developing and teaching company-specific training modules concerning production processes for international businesses.

Reinder Jorritsma

Reinder oversees the offshore energy playing field. He is widely experienced in manoeuvering technology focused teams through governmental and financial aspects of their projects.

Niek Meurs

Niek is a researcher at DOB-Academy in the field of installation and logistics. He is currently investigating operation and maintenance strategies for large offshore wind farms.

Thijs Kamphuis

Thijs is a teacher and researcher at DOB-Academy and holds an MSc in offshore engineering. Field of interest: offshore wind turbines, and graduated on vibration installation of monopiles and the slip joint connection.

Hendrik Goos

Hendrik has worked in the Marine and Offshore Industry in various roles since 1986. He is experienced in setting up educational programmes on offshore topics and is committed to meeting the needs of the offshore industry with this.

Elena Stroo-Moredo

Elena has almost a decade of experience of teaching, research and course development in the field of Maritime Technology at both Delft University of Technology and Netherlands Maritime Technology. She is broadly interested from human behavior to learning styles and from design processes to salvage of vessels.  As a course coordinator at DOB-Academy, she is both part of our Didactical and our Sales team.

Robert Hasselaar

Responsible for the installation and (de)commisioning of DOT’s current test setup at the Maasvlakte II in Rotterdam. Together with a team of eight, he is paving the way towards a full scale developed DOT drive train system.

Niels Diepeveen

Niels is an aerospace engineer with a PhD in offshore wind energy. He has a leading role in the development of the DOT innovative turbine concept.


Barbara Termorshuizen

Barbara is since 2016 head of the graphic design department at DOB-Academy. Barbara graduated from St. Joost art academy and started her career off in Italy for four years as a freelance illustrator with very divergent work.

Juliette van Eijk

Juliette has her master degree in communication science and worked previously in different positions in the marketing and communication branche. Since December 2017, she took a different road and started as a product manager at DOB-Academy. In this position she monitors the progress of the courses by creating overview and coordination, she provides the business contact of the studio and guides the kitchen team in their cooperation.

Floris Gagesteijn

Floris is a motion graphics designer at DOB-Academy and graduated at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. Next to 3d visualisation, Floris has a wide expirience in multimedia, with over half a decade in the offshore industry.

Martijn Bijmolt

As business developer, Martijn is always looking for links and value between partners. He is also involved as application developer for DOT, setting the stage for a new type of wind turbine.

Orkun Tekeli

Orkun is a 3D design specialist. He has a MSc in strategic product design at TU Delft and is specialized in 3D visualizations and in the design and execution of Virtual Reality applications. His work focuses on offshore installations and construction vessels.

Niels de Wolf

Niels graduated HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and is a video editor at DOB-Academy. He has extensive experience in the commercial and national broadcast environment and worked as a (lead) video editor and compositor for several production companies.

Kim van Klooster

As coordinator of our interactive lab, Kim develops practical cases and serious games that reinforce our courses. She is sensitive to the educational needs in the sector and uses this as a developer of new courses for our own educational programme or for tailor-made courses.

Desiree van Es

With  almost a decade of hands-on experience as a hostess and event manager and a degree in Leisure management, Desiree knows how to make sure that all guests of De Oude Bibliotheek enjoy their visit greatly. She is a great source of information on all services we offer.

Jannie Munk

After running her own restaurant for 23 years, and even winning the prestigious Lady Chef of the year title, Jannie joined DOB-Academy in the early days. Every single day, Jannie and her kitchen staff cook different fresh and healthy dishes.

Liv Kooijmans

Liv has wide experience in coordinating course development, marketing and communication at DOB-Academy. Contributing since the start, she also also knows how to develop a concept or educational game in the lab. She holds a Master degree in Industrial Design Engineering.  

Robbert Geers

Robbert is an all-round audio-visual designer at DOB-Academy. Graduated at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Since then, Robbert has specialized in editing and Camera work. Gaining experience in commercial and national broadcast environments, Robbert is now venturing into the world of offshore wind.

Wink de Groot

As coordinator of our interactive lab, Wink develops and teaches practical cases and serious games that reinforce our courses. Being former part of our kitchen staff, he still takes great care of students practising skills in our lab.

Paul Schoenmakers

Paul is a concept engineer at DOT, teacher and a motion graphic designer at DOB-Academy and holds an MSc in Integrated Product Design. Field of interest: Human factors and graduated at Delft Offshore Turbine

Menno van Roon

Menno is a motion graphics designer at DOB-Academy and graduated at the International Academy of Film and Television in Antwerp.
Prior to that he acquired a Bachelor in Media & entertainment management. Specialized in 3D animation.

Joost Pluim

Joost is (together with his team) responsible for all financial matters at DOB-Academy and DOT. Whenever a financial question arises or a financial problem needs to be solved regarding any of our courses, please contact him. Joost is currently in the last fase of his MSc in Financial Engineering and Computer Science at the TU Delft.