Delft, The Netherlands,

Finals Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge - 9 December 2019

Offshore wind innovators




Monday 9 December, 15:00 
De Oude Bibliotheek Academy (DOB-Academy)
Raam 180, Delft


On December 9, 2019 Offshore Wind Innovators organises the Finals of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge. During the event the finalists of the challenges will present their case for the audience, after which the jury announces the winners.

The goal of the Offshore Wind Innovation challenge is to accelerate innovations that have an impact on the offshore wind industry. The challenges of this edition are based on three technical conundrums, put forward by the offshore wind market.

An optimal design for flat oyster cages. The purpose of this challenge from De Rijke Noordzee is to strengthen nature in and around wind farms.

Determining stress in bolt connections. With this challenge Deutsche Wind Technik wants to extend the service life of bolted connections

Optimal pressure control of noise reduction systems. By optimising the design of the valves, Van Oord strives to reduce the sound waves during pile driving.

Anyone who wants to stay informed about innovative developments is welcome on December 9 from 15:00 at De Oude Bibliotheek Academy (DOB-Academy), Raam 180 in Delft. Register here for the event.