Delft, The Netherlands,

Dutch government launches Wind & Water Works campaign at DOB-Academy.

Ten guest nations in masterclass offshore wind energy.

An offshore wind energy masterclass organised by the Netherlands took place at DOB-Academy in Delft. In this masterclass, ten countries were informed about the Dutch approach to offshore wind energy. During the masterclass the Dutch Government, in collaboration with various parties in the wind sector, launched an international campaign entitled Wind & Water Works.

Wind & Water Works demonstrates how Dutch companies are now applying their offshore expertise developed over many years to offshore wind energy. The Dutch ambitions for offshore wind farms will generate a significant amount of additional employment in the sector. There will also be an increasing demand for well-qualified individuals and the technology to realise those ambitions. Read more about Wind & Water Works here.

Wind & Water Works enables the Dutch Government and the Dutch business sector to collectively export the successful Dutch approach to and expertise in offshore wind energy.
Ruud de Bruijne,the Netherlands Enterprise Agency

International interest in both the Dutch Government's approach and the Dutch offshore companies was clearly evident during the offshore wind energy masterclass. The government explained the Dutch policy, which caused a rapid fall in the price of offshore wind energy, while on 15 December 2017, for the first time ever, it will open a bidding round for a non-subsidised offshore wind farm. DOB-Academy contributed to the event by organising two interesting workshops that introduced the international participants to the process of building a wind turbine rotor and building an offshore wind park. As an expert in sharing knowledge on offshore wind energy, DOB-Academy has also noticed a growing demand for qualified professionals for the offshore wind energy sector. That is why we keep expanding our curriculum. If you are interested in learning more about offshore wind energy, please take a look at our courses here.