Delft, The Netherlands,

DOB-Academy wins in the Future Wind Photo Competition

DOB-Academy wins in the Future Wind Photo Competition

winnende foto

Last June on 15th was the Global Wind Day. As part of this event a Global Wind Day 2019 Photo Competition was held, with the overarching theme of ‘future wind’. With great delight and pride we can inform you that DOB-Academy has won in the category ‘beyond wind’. The photo was taken by Maartje van Rempt, one of our working students at DOB-Academy.

In addition to sharing our knowledge to professionals from within the offshore industry, we want to inspire the youth, ‘the future’. Through the in-house facilitation of playful yet educative, technological sessions for primary school children, we can, in a lighthearted way, convey the importance of (offshore) wind energy to the youngest generation. This way DOB-Academy is trying to motivate today’s youth to become tomorrow’s engineers. Which fits in nicely with our vision of: "Empowering Engineering Excellence ".

Maartje, to whom all the credit for taking the photo is due, is a working student at DOB-Academy. Besides her passion for photography, she supports the events and graphics team at DOB. “I like to tell stories with my photography and I believe that the development within wind energy is a story worth telling. There is already a lot of knowledge on wind energy, but it is also important that this knowledge is shared. I believe it’s important to involve the next generation at an early age and teach them the importance of wind energy. No better way than experiencing the technology hands-on!”

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