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DOB-Academy training courses in Tokyo

DOB-Academy training courses in Tokyo

DOB-Academy Tokyo april 2019

In the first week of April, 25 participants from different Japanese companies and academic institutes participated in two specialized courses in Tokyo. During the courses, in line with DOB’s philosophy: “Empower Engineering Excellence”, the participants were first provided with the necessary understanding of the ideas, concepts and techniques used in offshore engineering. After, based on this recently acquired knowledge, participants were given hands-on assignments, bringing the theory to life in a highly interactive setting. This delivered interesting discussions between participants and teachers, which were complemented by real world experiences of teachers, whom have worked in the offshore industry, and short movies from actual windfarm constructions.


Watch the wrap-up movie of the Design and Execution course.


Design and Execution training courses will take place again

These two courses, which form a comprehensive program aimed at professionals and academics who wish to broaden and deepen their understanding of offshore wind farms, will again take place. The total program consists of two separate two-day courses: 1) Design (the 22th and 23th of July, 2019) 2) Execution (the 24th and 25th of July, 2019), in Tokyo.

The Design course addresses the design phase of an offshore wind farm including site assessments, wind turbine selection and support structure design. The allocated regions in Japan for offshore wind farms will be used as case study for designing an offshore wind farm using DOB-Academy’s inhouse toolboxes.

The Execution course focusses on the installation and operation phase of the offshore wind farm lifecycle, including contracting and financial topics. During these specialized courses, participants are empowered with the necessary knowledge and challenged to come up with innovative insights and solutions for complex real-world problems.

Location (of training courses):

Tokyo Bayside Building
3-33-17 Kaigan
Minato-ku Tokyo
〒108-0022, Japan)

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