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DOB-Academy events: a world of possibilities

DOB-Academy events: a world of possibilities

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DOB-Academy has years of experience in organizing, facilitating and hosting technical, corporate events. DOB-Academy understands what it takes to make an event successful. In 2020 they combined that understanding with their experience with online teaching to re-design their facilities such that DOB-Academy can host online, live-streaming events with the same high level of quality and hospitality their clients are accustomed to.

In-house facilities and experts

The monumental building of DOB-Academy in the city center of Delft, houses multiple conference rooms that have a permanent live-streaming set-up. Large screens opposite of the speaker allows him/her to see all participants giving a lively, interactive ambiance. A second screen on which the presentation is shown provides a normal view for the participants as would be during a physical live event. DOB-Academy has all the experts and necessary equipment in-house for live-streaming events, via their own DOB-studio. There is no hassle with third party suppliers.  

Experts of DOB-Academy can provide the speaker with tips and tricks on how to present in front of a camera for a live audience. They know to create interaction with and between the participants and how to keep the session interesting for the people at home and are happy to share their experience.

DOB-Academy uses several live-stream providers, e.g. ZOOM or WebEx, for their online training courses and events. DOB-Academy can assist in determining which settings for both speakers and participants would work best for your event.

Endless possibilities

DOB-Academy offers many possibilities for your online event. Events with parallel sessions in which participants can switch between sessions, is just one option. The presenters can also present from their home or office, when travelling to Delft is not an option. Hybrid sessions, with a number of participant physically present in the conference while others join via the live-stream is also possible, when allowed by national COVID-19 guidelines. DOB-Academy has all protocols lined out to ensure safe participation with the same hospitality that they are known for.

The Academy team can help design (custom-made) interactive elements for the events, ranging from knowledge quizzes to serious games, from practical live-demonstrations to engaging (technical) lectures about the offshore energy industry. The graphic department can design custom-made backgrounds for the speakers and/or participants as a finishing touch to your event.

The hospitality team of DOB-Academy can assemble and send so-called DOB-boxes prior to the event to the participants. The content of these boxes can be compiled together with the client and may entail anything from pencils and notebooks, corporate gifts, attributes for the interactive elements or home-made snacks from the kitchen team of DOB-Academy. The boxes are a great teaser to get the participants excited for you event.

Type of events

Facilities of DOB-Academy are particularly interesting for corporate and technical events, such as conferences, seminar, panel discussions, recordings, corporate presentations, pitches and training courses. However, the team is not shy of helping out with an online department outing or a company day for study associations of the university.

When organizing your online events via DOB-Academy your options are truly endless