Delft, The Netherlands,

DOB-Academy attended the 5th Marine Industry Forum in Nagasaki

Last week, DOB-Academy was one of the speakers during a seminar organised by Nagasaki and local governments. During this seminar the focus laid on the contribution Nagasaki can offer to the growing offshore wind industry both nationally and in the Asian region. 

Recently Japan has enforced new laws regarding the offshore industry, making the development and execution of offshore engineering, such as wind farms, easier. This has made Japanese offshore and marine organisations/companies highly aware of the chances available in this industry. 

During the seminar there were three keynote speakers talking about these chances an opportunities in the industry. DOB-Academy also spoke about the essence of education within the industry, and how DOB-Academy tackles these challenges in Europe.

There were over 200 attendees, valuable connections were made and we are proud announce that DOB-Academy is going to Japan! We will attend the Tokyo Wind Expo 2019, organise a masterclass on the Dutch Embassy in Tokyo and we will organise the open course: Offshore wind for professionals [link] from the 2nd to the 5th of April 2019.