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Activity sheets on offshore renewable energy

Activity sheets on offshore renewable energy


At DOB-Academy we believe that Empowering Engineering Excellence is not bounded by age: people are never too young or too old to be engaged in offshore renewable energy. In the times when entire families find themselves at home working, teaching and learning together we reach out to a much younger generation than our regular crowd.

For those who have younger kids at home our Graphical Department has made a beautiful activity sheet about offshore wind. Is there a more fun way to tell your kids about your daily work and to teach them about renewable energy? Our Graphical Department is working on several activity sheets, for different age groups and all will be informative and educational with offshore renewable energy as main theme. We will upload a new activity sheet on our website every week, so keep an eye out.

The activity sheet is ready to be downloaded, it is an activity sheet that functions as a colouring sheet as well. We are looking forward to seeing the beautiful creations your kids have made. Please send us a picture of the pieces of art ( and we will hand out a nice DOB-Academy goodie bag to maker of the most beautiful creation.

In the right column under 'download' you can download the colouring sheets.