Delft, The Netherlands,

60 seconds: The foundation of wind turbines

How do wind turbines offshore stay in place? Our new 60 second video lecture shows how wind turbines are fixed to the sea floor. We seldom see where turbines stand on or how that looks like below the sea surface. Now that turbine dimensions are increasing, new solutions are needed to keep turbines above the water. Watch the video to learn more!

Is this nothing new to you and are you interested in acquiring advanced knowledge of support structures? In January 2018 a new 6-day course 'Offshore support structure design' will start. Read more here.

At DOB-Academy we have a passion for sharing knowledge and that is why we created the 60 second lectures series, that you can watch here. Is there a subject you would like to learn more about in 60 seconds? Please let us know at and we will consider adding it to our series.