Delft, The Netherlands,

60 seconds: How do wind turbines generate electricity

Wind turbines generate electricity from kinetic energy in wind, but how do they do it? Our new 60 second video lecture shows how wind turbines work, by giving an overview of the most important components in a common type of wind turbine. From the sensors that collect wind data to the electric amplifiers that are needed to connect the turbines to the grid. Of course, every turbine type is different, this video shows one example of a turbine design.

This video is the sixth episode in a series of concise video lectures on offshore energy. You can still watch the previous episodes here. At DOB-Academy we have a passion for sharing knowledge and that is why we created this series. Easy to understand yet interesting for anyone from high school student to industry expert. Is there a topic you would like to learn more about in 60 seconds? Please let us know at and we will consider adding it to our series.