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Offshore energy events

Offshore energy events

DOB-Academy organises monthly seminars, workshops and other events. Innovative and experienced lecturers cover a broad range of specialised offshore topics. Our events promote knowledge sharing and stimulate open and engaged discussion in the offshore sector.



Offshore wind for professionals 4月2019年 (日本語)




New Years Event 2019

To celebrate the new year and its educational potentials, DOB-Academy is inviting you on the 31st of January for an afternoon of drinks, bites and networkin...


Offshore wind for professionals April 2019 (English)

In this 2 two-day course participants will learn the first principles of the offshore wind energy industry.

Course 1: Design
Level: Professional...


Seminar Seawater Hydraulics

On 16 March 2017, a group of professionals from the offshore industry and universities gathered at De Oude Bibliotheek for the second seminar on water hydrau...


Seminar Building on experience

On Friday April 21st, De Oude Bibliotheek organized a seminar called: “Building on experience – not everything goes as planned”. In this seminar, senio...


Workshop Offshore asset data

Assets offshore collect enormous amounts of data. More often than not, this data is not used to its full potential.


Grout, bolt, slip

While all energy producing developments have an impact, wind energy (as well as other renewables) have a lower impact overall, if well designed and implement...