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Offshore wind for professionals 2020 (Finance)


Offshore wind for professionals 2020 (Finance)

In this 2-day course participants will gain insight into the different finance methods for wind farms. Additionally, they will learn to understand the complexities involved in financing a new offshore structure.

Course 3: Finance
Level: Professional
Date: to be expected in 2020
Seats: 15-20 participants max.

Tokyo Bayside Building
3-33-17 Kaigan, Minato-ku Tokyo
〒108-0022, Japan

Academic Discount (25%): Available (limited seats)
Simultaneous translator from English to Japanese: Available

After the course, participants will be provided with their own online learning environment that contains all the course slides, calculation sheets and other additional study materials.

Ken Kitazato

€1750 (equivalent to +/- 230.000 JPY)

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Japan has the world’s eighth-largest exclusive economic zone, with abundant seabed resources and wind available. This potential is largely unused. Japan wishes to utilise this potential as part of the nation’s growth strategy. Therefore, Japan aims to increase the number of offshore engineers to 10.000 by 2030 to serve a 50 trillion yen market. Currently, only 2.200 offshore engineers work in this sector, because of the shortcoming in knowledge and education in the offshore industry. To realise this increase in engineers, the Ocean Innovation Consortium was launched in 2016, cultivating human resources involved in offshore development. One of the vehicles to address this challange is by providing professional engineering courses. With its experience in Europe and expertise on topics ranging from EPC contracting, transport & logistics, design of windturbine foundations and floating foundations, DOB-Academy is well-prepared to educate and motivate the (young) professionals in Japan.

In this course, Green Giraffe will be sharing their knowledge and experience specifially regarding the Japanese and Asian offshore wind markets. During these two course days participants will learn the ins and outs of finance involced in offshore wind. They will also gain insight into the complex world of financing a new offshore structure, from usage of key figures in financial structures, to the process of bidding on a tender. By means of theoretical lectures participants will learn to use and comprehend the most important terminology and understand the different aspects of recent developments in tender bids. In addition to the lectures, multiple interactive and group work cases will be performed during which the theoretical knowledge will be put into practise.



This course has been developed for (offshore) wind professionals seeking a better understanding of the finance behind this industry. A principle understanding of the offshore wind industry is recommended. It is effective for project managing functions which are strongly focused on the business side of a project.



At the DOB-Academy, we believe that the inevitable transition to renewable sources of energy can only be successfully achieved with properly trained and driven people. We believe that with the right tools, we can empower others to make this transition. We are confident that by creating clear and compelling courses, we can empower engineering excellence.

DOB Academy houses its own wind experts, whom are trained to create and give lectures. Our graphical department guarantees a visually compelling story, supported by video and animation designed and produced by our in-house studio. The knowledge that is not available in-house, is acquired by our well spread network in the North Sea area, creating the right environment to experience the world of offshore wind.



Green Giraffe is a specialist advisory boutique focused on the renewable energy sector – and in particular offshore wind – launched in 2010 by experienced finance specialists.
During each stage of the project lifetime, important choices are made that can significantly influence the other stages of a project. It is therefore important that these angles are always included in the decision-making process. What counts at the bottom line is the lowest cost of energy, against the lowest risks and the highest return during the operational lifetime.

Green Giraffe provides a number of different services, always with the aim to assist their clients finance their project or transaction. It arranges non recourse financings, raise equity, help negotiate commercial contracts, assist in acquisitions or divestments and support strategic decisions in the sector. Modelling is an integral part of all missions but can also be a standalone task.



Course 3: January 2020 (Day 1 lecture topics)

– Identify learning objectives
– Offshore wind refresh / finance
– Finance essentials
– Case: financial constraints
– Case: installation game
– Financial players
– Case study sharing

Course 3: January 2020 (Day 2 lecture topics)

– Contracting and risks
– Case: contracts for finances
– Risk mitigation I & II
– Case: missing pieces
– Structural enhancements
– Case: financial tender game
– Recent trends



  • Acquiring knowledge about different types of tender systems and what a tender process resembles.
  • Understanding important key financial figures and how to use them.
  • Becoming acquainted with different types of contracts and financial structures.
  • Gaining insight into the role of the government and its subsidy schemes.
  • Understanding the lessons learned in the European market regarding this matter.
  • Identifying local content synergies within the Japanese offshore wind financing methods.
  • Identifying and understanding the latest trends in offshore wind financing.




“DOB-Academy has a very good overview of the engineering aspect necessary for offshore WTGs. Japanese engineers are not familiar with it, which makes the courses insightful and suitable for guidance for our start-ups. Furthermore, there is good coverage of what is necessary for offshore WTGs. Not only the engineering aspect, but they also explain contractual aspects, project management tools, and other factors that are necessary when working with European contractors. DOB-Academy’s way of teaching allows every participant to be involved, I really liked the quiz in the beginning of the seminar as well as the group work during it. It allowed the exchanging of ideas with others and offered much inspiration.”
H. Shimizu (Kajima Corporation)


“As a civil engineer with the main responsibility within JGC Cooperation as construction manager for oil and gas plants, I was hesitant to touch upon the (electrical) engineering aspects regarding offshore wind energy. However, thanks to the course DOB-Academy offered, I now comprehend the basis of the designing phase to such a degree that I am able to communicate with my colleagues on it. Besides that, the courses are interesting and enjoyable to participate in!”

T. Yamamoto (JGC Corporation, Construction Technical Manager, Wind Power Project Office)


“The DOB Academy led introduction to offshore wind course – and various related follow-up sessions – are extremely value adding for introducing new team member to the ever-expanding offshore wind industry. The courses are structured along the wind value chain and held by various experts in sub-topics. The interactive nature of most of the sessions are another differentiator – gamification makes things lively and helps to retain knowledge!”

J. Veldhoven (CP Manager Wind, Shell New Energies)

“Agenda based on demands of the audience instead of curriculum; very knowledgeable speakers; Dynamic course.”

Michèl Spiering (Tender manager van Oord)

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