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Oil & Gas Energy Transition

2 (half)day course (Asia or Americas)

Oil & Gas Energy Transition

In this course, participants will grow to comprehend the impact of the energy transition on the offshore oil and gas industry and how to respond to this development.

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Why this training course may be of interest to you:

  • Get introduced to oil & gas energy transition in just one day
  • Gain insight into current and future developments that affect oil and gas projects
  • Learn more about the energy transition’s impact and how it will affect oil and gas projects
  • Gain a full understanding of the energy transition playing field, ranging from the technical engineering aspects to the political and societal context
  • Understand the economics that are involved in the development and sustainability of current and future oil and gas projects
  • Specially developed for professionals in the Offshore Energy who wish to know more about the energy transition
  • Also of great interest to engineers and managers new to the oil and gas industry

Content Oil & Gas Energy Transistion training course

In this one-day course, you will gain an insight into the impact the energy transition has on the offshore oil and gas industry and learn how to respond to this development. You will also understand the impact it has on oil and gas projects, including the effect on life extension and maintenance of wells.

Although oil and gas have been the main reliable source of energy for the past few decades, the call for renewable energy use has made the oil and gas industry rethink its future strategy. The industry is now faced with making a transition towards the use of renewable energy and the oil & gas energy transition training course will prepare you for this challenge.

You will gain insights into current and future developments in oil and gas projects and attain a full understanding of different aspects of the energy transition through the course lectures. These are theoretically solid but never excessively detailed. With the use of inspiring cases, you will put this theoretical knowledge into practice.


The ‘Oil & Gas Energy Transition’ training course and its materials are written and given entirely in English. However, it will be possible to give the lectures in Dutch if all the participants are Dutch.

Target Audience

This course has been developed for engineers and managers who work in the oil and gas industry, as well as non-technical professionals who are working in this field or with clients from the industry. For example, professionals from a banking, insurance and environmental background.

This course also has added value for professionals interested in energy transition, as industry experts will share their views on future developments that will have an impact on the energy industry.


  • Description of the current state of the Energy Transition
  • Description of the current state of the oil and gas business
  • Current and future technologies and its effect on the energy business
  • Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE) explained
  • Guest lecture: Energy Transition and its effect on Oil & Gas development
  • Guest lecture: Future scenarios of Oil and Gas business

There is one practical case, split into three parts where the particpants get an understanding of the magnitude, size and energy efficiency of various renewable options offshore

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