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Offshore wind finance

2 day course

Offshore wind finance

In this course participants will gain insight into the different finance methods for wind farms. Additionally, they will learn to understand the complexities involved in financing a new offshore structure.

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Course Content

Building an offshore wind farm is not solely a technical challenge. It takes place within a complex financial system in which decisions have consequences for design, construction, operation and maintenance of the wind farm. In this course, participants will learn the basics of finance in the offshore wind sector. They will gain insight into the complexities involved in financing a new offshore structure and learn to understand recent developments in offshore wind finance. By means of theoretical lectures, participants will learn to use and comprehend the most important terminology, financial structures and key ratios. During the course, the theoretical knowledge will be put into practice in realistic cases. The course will be interactive, allowing participants to ask questions directly related to their own projects.

This course and its material are written and given entirely in English, however if all participants are Dutch, it is possible to give the lectures in Dutch. 


Learning Objectives

  • Understanding important key figures and how to use them
  • Acquiring knowledge about different types of contracts and financial structures
  • Gaining insight into the role of the government and its subsidy schemes


Target Audience

Offshore professionals seeking a better understanding of the finance behind offshore energy.



“Well experienced teachers from Green Giraffe”

Anna Diedrichkeit

Product Mgm. Center of Excellence GE


“Agenda based on demands of the audience instead of curriculum; very knowledgeable speakers; Dynamic course.”

Michèl Spiering

Tender manager van Oord


“The course provides valuable insights in the financial aspects of offshore wind energy projects and is delivered in an dynamic and interactive way. I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to increase their understanding of the financial aspects of offshore energy projects.”

Frank Koopman

Director Marine Site Characterisation Fugro



Day 1

Day 1 will start with an overview of the offshore wind playing field. Relevant stakeholders, market size and offshore wind farm lifecycle costs will be discussed. Participants will be introduced to the basic definitions of wind energy finance, the difference between balance sheet and project finance, and key project finance ratios and constraints. In  addition, participants are invited to use their freshly gained knowledge to practise developing the correct financial structure for an offshore wind farm in a realistic case.


Day 2

Day 2 will start with lectures focusing on financial risk mitigation, discussing securities, sweeps and reserves. A further series of cases and lectures will focus on the interaction between financing, the regulatory framework and contracting optimization. This will be concluded by a comprehensive tender game, in which the participants form consortia to place bids for offshore wind farms. The last section discusses the driving factors for investors and the optimization of financial structures. The newly gained knowledge will be consolidated with a short exam, before concluding with drinks.


Online version

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This Online Training Course is equivalent to the regular (Physical) Offshore Wind Finance training course.



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