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Offshore wind basics

1 day course

Offshore wind basics

This course is organised in cooperation with IRO and NWEA. In this course, participants will learn the basics of the offshore wind energy industry.

2 December 2020
€ 495,00 excl. VAT

Why this training course is of interest to you:

  • Get to know all the basics of the offshore wind industry in just one day
  • Understand the rapid growth and development of the offshore wind energy industry
  • Acquire knowledge about the effect of both policy and societal needs on the development of offshore wind energy
  • Understand how wind is converted into electricity, how this electricity is transported to consumers and how a business case can be built for this
  • Gain insight into the life cycle of a typical wind farm, including its design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance
  • Learn from the best: this training course is organized in cooperation with IRO and NWEA, the two biggest professional associations in the oil, gas and wind energy sector

Course content

During this ‘Offshore Wind Basics’ training course, you will learn the basics of the offshore wind energy industry and identify possible opportunities for your company. The inspiring lectures will contribute to your understanding of the rapid growth of this sector and will be accompanied by two practical cases, so that you can immediately put the knowledge you have gained into practice.

To stay up to date with the latest developments in the offshore wind sector, participation in this training is essential. The offshore wind industry has undergone a massive change in the past five years, both in the size and number of these projects, that has even surprised the companies in the sector itself. Therefore, in order to keep their competitive edge, companies and personnel need to keep up with this rapid pace. With this training, you can!

This course is organized in close collaboration with IRO and NWEA, the two biggest professional associations in the oil, gas and wind energy sector, in order to combine the networks and enhance the sharing of knowledge throughout the entire offshore energy industry.

Watch the video below for more information about the ‘Offshore Wind Basics’ training course:


The ‘Offshore Wind Basics’ training course and its materials are written and given entirely in English. However, it will be possible to give the lectures in Dutch if all the participants are Dutch.

In collaboration with IRO and NWEA

Target audience

This course has been developed for newcomers in the offshore wind industry and others interested in the sector. No background knowledge or technical education is required.



  • The societal and political aspects of the offshore wind industry
  • The production and distribution of energy from wind

Lunchtime: enjoy our 100 percent organic delicious lunch


  • The life cycle of an offshore wind farm
  • Install a miniature wind farm in DOB’s Experience Lab
  • An inspiring wind farm business case
  • Future technologies
  • Exam; test your knowledge!

About the trainers

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Hybrid Set-Up

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Online version

Are you interested in an online version of this Wind Basics training course? There are two modules to follow:

  1. Evolution of Offshore Wind and Basic Wind Turbine Components
  2. Basic Installation, O&M and Future Technologies. 

Together these two modules are equivalent to the regular (physical) Wind Basics training course.

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