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Offshore wind finance

2 day course

Offshore wind finance

In this course participants will gain insight into the different finance methods for wind farms. Additionally, they will learn to understand the complexities involved in financing a new offshore structure

9 and 10 October 2018
1500,- excl. VAT

Course Content

Building an offshore wind farm is not solely a technical challenge. It takes place within a complex financial system in which decisions have consequences for design, building, operation and maintenance.

In this course, participants will learn the basics of finance in the offshore wind sector. They will also gain insight into the complexities involved in financing a new offshore structure, from using key figures in financial structures, to bidding on a tender. By means of theoretical lectures, participants will learn to use and comprehend the most important terminology and to understand recent developments in offshore wind finance. To complete the course, the theoretical knowledge will be put into practice during several inspiring cases.


Learning Objectives

  • Understanding important key figures and how to use them
  • Acquiring knowledge about different types of contracts and financial structures
  • Gaining insight into the role of the government and its subsidy schemes


Target Audience

Offshore professionals seeking a better understanding of the finance behind offshore energy.




The morning will start with an overview of the offshore wind playing field. Relevant stakeholders, the size of the market and the offshore wind farm lifecycle will be discussed. In the next lectures, attendants will be introduced to the basic definitions of wind energy finance. Two ways of financing an offshore wind farm will be explained. Moreover, project finances will be analysed. Subsequently the key aspects necessary when financing an offshore wind farm will be addressed. From government supported subsidy structures to debt providers and from the power market to contracting, all the areas will be considered. The lectures will be followed by games and cases in which the freshly gained knowledge will be applied to enhance the comprehension.


After the lunch the theory is finalized by a case incorporating all the theory. In the next lecture, insight into a financial model will be given. Finally, an overview of the current situation in the financial market will be provided. Hereafter, an exam will be given to test the knowledge acquired.



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