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Offshore energy courses

Offshore energy basics

Half day course

Offshore energy basics

In this course, participants will learn the basics of the offshore wind and oil and gas industry and will learn to use and comprehend the most important terminology.

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€ 225,- excl. VAT

Course Content

Energy, both in the form of renewables and hydrocarbons, is for a substantial part generated or extracted at sea. The challenging industry dealing with offshore energy is rapidly transforming towards a more sustainable future. In this course, participants will learn the basic principles behind offshore energy, by means of theoretically solid but not excessively detailed lectures. In an inspiring case theoretical knowledge will be put into practice. Learning to use and comprehend the most important terminology in addition to understanding the basics of this industry, is of vital importance for anyone working with clients and colleagues in this sector.

This course and its material are written and given entirely in English, however if all participants are Dutch, it is possible to give the lectures in Dutch. 

Target Audience

This course is developed for people taking an interest in offshore energy. For example, HR staff of an offshore energy company, electrical engineers with future aspirations in the offshore energy sector or legal professionals.

Learning Objectives

  • Acquiring knowledge about the development and present situation of offshore energy and its societal context
  • Comprehending important terminology, facts and figures
  • Understanding the principles behind wind conversion into electricity
  • Understanding the principles behind oil and gas conversion into petrochemicals
  • Gaining insight into the lifecycle of offshore wind farms and oil and gas production facilities


The course will begin with an introductory lecture providing an overview of the offshore energy playing field, from its history to its societal context. During this lecture, important terminology will also be explained. Subsequently, participants will play the game of Colonists of the North Sea, where they will familiarize themselves with this newly gained knowledge and terminology. The next two lectures will address wind followed by oil and gas. Hereafter, an exam will be given to test the knowledge acquired. Finally, after the final words, participants will have lunch together.