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Masterclass North Sea energy

3 day course

Masterclass North Sea energy

This course is organized in cooperation with EDI. Participants will gain insight into the future of the offshore energy industry in the North Sea and will learn why collaboration between and among sectors and countries is important for the North West European transition process.

19, 20 and 21 November 2018
2950,- ex. VAT

Course Content

The challenging field of offshore energy is highly multidisciplinary. Sharing a common language enables people from different backgrounds to achieve great engineering results. In this three-day course participants will gain insight into the future of the offshore energy industry in the North Sea. Participants will learn why and how potential collaboration between and among sectors and countries could increase efficiency and effectiveness of the North West European transition process. A number of experienced guest lecturers will address the future of both renewable energy and energy from fossil fuels.


Target Audience

The Masterclass North Sea energy is highly recommended for individuals working along the energy value chain (as in the gas industry and in the electricity sector), for example:

  • New business developers;
  • (Offshore) producers of natural gas and wind energy;
  • Transmission system operators;
  • Business and energy analysts;
  • Technologists and engineers;
  • Policy makers, regulators and NGO’s;
  • Researchers and energy consultants;
  • Maritime and spatial planners.


Guest Lecturers

Catrinus Jepmaprofessor of Energy and Sustainability at the University of Groningen.

More guest lecturers to be announced.



Martijn Bijmolt DOB-AcademyFor more information please contact Martijn Bijmolt at Martijn@DOB-Academy.nl or +31 6 423 180 42

Learning objectives

  • Gain insight into the future energy flows for both renewables and oil and gas
  • Be able to explain the system integration technologies and their distinctive characteristics
  • Recognise new business models and regulatory challenges for exiting platforms for the North Sea Area
  • Become aware of the opportunities and challenges for international North Sea Cooperation



  • History of the North Sea Energy Flows and its meaning for NWE Wealth
  • European policy regarding the North Sea
  • Spatial Planning and Environmental issues
  • The essentials of offshore energy flows and processes
  • Interconnections and Pan-European Electricity Grids
  • Evaluate options for smart combinations between sectors and countries
  • Optimising system integration offshore
  • An introduction into North Sea Energy Law


This course is created in cooperation with Energy Delta Institute.