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Introduction to Transport and Installation Offshore Wind

1 day course

Introduction to Transport and Installation Offshore Wind

In this one-day course the most important elements of the transport and installation of offshore wind turbines will be explained. This training courses provides an overview of the technical aspects of the offshore processes.

9 December 2020
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  • Get acquainted with relevant technical aspects of offshore transport and installation of offshore wind turbines
  • Learn about the effects of vessel capabilities, such as lifting capacity and transit speed on the installation process during our interactive cases
  • Become familiar with the most commonly used installation strategies and their advantages/disadvantages 
  • Gain understanding of the safety by design principle
  • Hear all about the future challenges for the transport and installation of offshore wind turbines
  • Specially developed for designers and developers of offshore equipment and vessels for installation
  • Perfect addition to a technical traineeship at a design/engineering company or marine contractor



In this one-day course the most important elements of the transport and installation of offshore wind turbines will be explained. This training courses provides an overview of the technical aspects of the offshore processes.

The offshore transport and installation processes form a significant part the development of an offshore wind farm. The workability offshore is not only highly dependent on weather windows, but also on other aspects such as marine wildlife. Increasing the workability offshore benefits the overall project both in time and money. Next to this the development of offshore wind turbines is rapidly growing and it is important that the development of vessels and equipment can keep up with the growing sizes, weights and way of installation.

During this training courses you will gain insight in the different components of the turbines, support structures and foundations and their main methods of installation. Different installation and transport strategies will be explained and important topics such as seafastening and heavy lifts will be dealt with. The training course has two interactive cases in which participants will set up an installation and transport strategy to gain insight in how to reduce cost and time. In the second case participants will design, build and test a model for seafastening for monopiles and transition pieces. Several lectures will be provided by experts of the industry, including a.o. Ulstein Design & Solutions.


The ‘Introduction to transport and installation offshore wind’ training course and its materials are written and given entirely in English. However, it will be possible to give the lectures in Dutch if all the participants are Dutch.



This training course is of interest for people who are new to offshore wind industry and, more specific, deal with equipment or vessels for transport and installation of offshore wind turbines. Professionals such as (junior) engineers, designers, developers and sales managers who are involved in the development, design, production or sales of such equipment or vessels will gain useful insight concerning the fast changing needs of their (potential) clients. This training course is particular of use for junior technical employees who have just started a traineeship at marine contractors or at design/engineering companies.

Also companies who are looking for new business opportunities for this specific market of the offshore wind industry will benefit from this training course since they will learn the most useful ins and outs relevant for their projects in just one day.


  • Offshore wind turbines and support structures decomposed concerning function, size and weight
  • Technical description of installation methods, equipment and vessels
  • Logistic modelling case: learn about the impact of vessel and equipment capabilities/restrictions on the installation process

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  • Important aspects and considerations of seafastening (incl. hands-on case) and heavy lifts
  • FMEA methodology to achieve safety by design
  • Future challenges concerning transport and installation offshore


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