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Introduction to Subsea Technology

2 day course

Introduction to Subsea Technology

Subsea production technologies today are proven and a reliable standard in the offshore Oil & Gas (O&G) Energy world. Especially Deepwater is a growth engine for O&G operators. This course provides insights to understand the state-of-the-art competitive technologies, systems and other aspects involved in this growing industry.

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In this two-day course participants will gain an in-depth overview into the complete subsea technology playing field. Topics such as Subsea production systems (SPS), Pipeline & Flowline systems, Control/power systems will be discussed as well as Subsea engineering, construction, installation and operational aspects. Furthermore, the course offers insight into economic models for Subsea developments.

The lectures will focus on theory, industry practice and lessons learned from the experts in this field. These lectures will be accompanied by a practical case (game mode) in which the gained knowledge will immediately be put into practice. The case includes the design and planning of a subsea field layout and eventually construction of a complete subsea facility in our lab. Important aspects such as investments and economics are integrated in this case.

This course and its material are written and given entirely in English, however if all participants are Dutch, it is possible to give the lectures in Dutch.



This course has been developed for professionals working in the offshore energy industry for 0-5 years. It is designed for participants with BSc diploma or a higher education, or for professionals with 5 years of relevant experience in similar industries. It is effective for technology specialists in a single competence field to obtain an overview of the entire scope of subsea technologies & developments. Furthermore, generalists from other backgrounds, but with technical interests into Subsea Technology, may gain valuable insights from this course.



  • Comprehending what subsea technologies and components there are and how they can be used competitively
  • Understanding of the drivers & challenges for a Subsea Development
  • Executing a subsea project including planning & calculation of the optimum development cost for a field at an arbitrary location
  • Understanding the principles and parameters in the design of subsea field development
  • Gaining insight into the life cycle of a subsea development including design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance



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