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Introduction offshore wind

2 day course

Introduction offshore wind

In this two-day course participants will gain insight into the complete offshore wind energy playing field, from technical engineering aspects to the political and societal context.

9 and 10 November 2020
€ 1500,00 excl. VAT

Why this training course is of interest to you:

  • Comprehend what wind is and how it can be used to generate electricity
  • Understand the effect of policy and societal needs on the development of offshore wind energy
  • Calculate the energy yield of a wind turbine at an arbitrary location
  • Understand the principles and parameters used in the design of an offshore wind turbine support structure
  • Gain insight into the life cycle of a typical wind farm, including its design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance
  • Put the knowledge you have gained directly into practice with four realistic cases
  • Efficient learning; this training course only takes two day

Course Content

In this two-day course, you will gain insight into the complete offshore wind energy playing field. You will learn to speak a common language and gain an understanding of every aspect of this rapidly growing industry. This is of great importance for a fruitful and economically viable future.

Therefore, the course will cover the political and social influences on wind energy technology, as well as focus on the technical and engineering aspects.

The lectures will focus on theory, industry practice and the lessons that have been learned from experts in this field. These lectures will be accompanied by four practical cases in which knowledge gained from the course will immediately be put into practice. These cases include calculating the energy yield of a wind turbine, creating a simple monopile design, building a small-scale wind turbine and constructing a complete offshore wind farm in our lab.

Watch the video  for more information about the ‘Introduction to Offshore Wind’ training course:


The ‘Introduction to Offshore Wind’ training course and its materials are written and given entirely in English. However, it will be possible to give the lectures in Dutch if all the participants are Dutch.

Target Audience

This course has been developed for professionals working in the offshore wind industry for 0-3 years with a BSc diploma or a higher education. It is also very suitable for professionals with 5 years of relevant experience in similar industries. The ‘Introduction to Offshore Wind’ training course enables junior technology specialists who work in a single competence field to obtain an overview of the entire scope of offshore wind. Furthermore, generalists from a banking, insurance and environmental background who successfully complete this course gain valuable insights into the technology behind offshore wind.


Day 1, Central theme: Aerodynamics & Society

  • Introduction to societal and political aspects of the offshore wind industry
  • Aerodynamics of the wind turbine and the process behind the production of energy from wind
  • Practical cases; calculate the annual energy yield of an arbitrary turbine at an arbitrary location and the assemblage
  • Test a miniature wind turbine

Day 2, Central theme: Support Structures and Life Cycle

  • The methodology behind keeping the turbine in place
  • Introduction to the design of a wind turbine support structure
  • Our experts elaborate on the life cycle of a wind turbine and wind farm
  • Practical cases in the DOB-Academy Lab – find out more about the design of a wind turbine support structure and the construction of a miniature wind farm

About the trainers

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Hybrid Set-Up

At DOB-Academy we offer several ways to participate in our training courses. All of our regular training courses will have the hybrid set-up. This means that part of the participants can join us in Delft whereas others can participate online via Zoom. This enables each participants to join the training course how he/she is comfortable with. At DOB-Academy all measures are in place to ensure we meet the current COVID-19 regulations



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Online version

Are you interested in an online version of this Introduction Offshore Wind Training course? There are four modules to follow:

  1. Wind Essentials
  2. Introduction to Electricity and Power Generation
  3. Introduction to Offshore Wind Support Structures
  4. Basic Installation, O&M and Future Technologies

Together these four modules are equivalent to the regular (physical) Wind Basics training course.

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