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Introduction to FIDIC in offshore wind

1 day course

Introduction to FIDIC in offshore wind

In this one-day course, participants will learn about the application of FIDIC contracts in the offshore wind industry. Aratis will provide valuable insights and lessons learned from their experience in offshore wind contracting.

24 May 2019
28 November 2019
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Course Content

In order to manage an offshore wind project successfully, it is important to be familiar with the FIDIC General Conditions and to understand how and when to use them. The FIDIC Yellow Book contract is the most commonly used type of contract in the offshore wind market. It is applied for wind turbine supply agreements as well as for engineering, procurement and design and build (D&B) contracts for the balance of plant. This one-day FIDIC course provides an overview of the basics of FIDIC in general and the FIDIC Yellow Book edition 1999 in particular. The course will focus on how to use the FIDIC Yellow Book in practice, mainly from a Contract Management / Project Management perspective and to a lesser extent from a legal perspective. As a result, the practical implications for a daily project life of all 20 clauses will be addressed.
The content will be provided by Aratis whose trainers are senior Contract Managers with extensive international experience in (offshore wind) construction projects.

This course and its material are written and given entirely in English, however if all participants are Dutch, it is possible to give the lectures in Dutch. 

Target Audience

This course is developed for Contract Managers, Project Managers and professionals with a legal or technical background seeking a better understanding of FIDIC contracts in the offshore wind industry.



Thijs Kamphuis DOB-AcademyFor more information please contact Thijs Kamphuis at Thijs@DOB-Academy.nl or +31 15 240 0555

Learning Objectives

• comprehending the basics of the FIDIC system

• gaining insight in the most important roles in FIDIC

• understanding the most important clauses in the FIDIC Yellow Book

• understanding the main processes in the FIDIC Yellow Book



During this day you will learn more about the different roles and parties in FIDIC contracts (the Contractor, the Engineer and the Employer) and the FIDIC system of working. The day will start with a general description of the FIDIC structure. Subsequentely, the main roles and processes in the FIDIC Yellow Book will be addressed. All 20 clauses will be discussed. After the lunch, the new skills will be applied in the FIDIC Yellow Book contract management game. Furthermore, a number of important contractual processes will be addressed such as Commencement, Payment and Variations. At the end of each lecture, the freshly gained knowledge will be tested by answering a number of questions within an app while making use of the FIDIC Yellow Book. At the end of the day you will receive a certificate as well as the official FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 edition to use as a reference book in your day-to-day work.
This course is created in cooperation with Aratis.