Empowering engineering excellence

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Our team consists of experts in vastly diverse fields. Due to their different perspectives we are able to deliver an innovative and complete approach to all of our courses. This guarantees not only an exceptional academic experience, but also a well-rounded and realistic preparation for companies requiring guidance in a specific area of expertise.



Niek Meurs

Niels Diepeveen

Jan van der Tempel

Reinder Jorritsma

Thijs Kamphuis

Elena Stroo-Moredo

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Who we are

DOB-Academy is an institute set up by a group of professionals with a passion for the offshore energy sector and a desire to further its development. We believe that sharing a common language enables people from different backgrounds to achieve great engineering results. To accomplish this, it is our view that experts should have a platform to share their knowledge and learn from their peers.


The challenging field of offshore energy is highly multidisciplinary and requires teamwork to achieve engineering accomplishments that rival putting humans on Mars. DOB-Academy’s mission is to provide industry capability building from introductory to expert level through lectures, classroom workshops, online modules and seminars. With this, DOB-Academy aims to bridge the knowledge gap between offshore professionals.


Empowering Engineering Excellence