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DOB-Academy is an industry initiative to provide engineering education to employees in the offshore energy industry. Capability building is provided on three dimensions: introductory courses to create a common language, expert training for specialists and a forum for industry and academia.

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Our three pillars

Pillar windmill

Lifting the baseline

In a multi-disciplinary field such as the offshore energy industry, it is crucial to speak a common language. DOB-Academy facilitates this need through introductory courses. Centered around the engineering essentials, they can be adapted to meet specific needs of non-technical participants.

Pillar drilling

Drilling deeper

For experts, DOB-Academy offers a range of capability building experiences. Work with your peers and learn from the vanguard of the industry to extend your deeper understanding of your current field or to expand to new areas.

Pillar forum


The sharing of knowledge happens most often in forced-accidental meetings. DOB-Academy is the meeting place for the industry, hosting a range of special-topic meetings, conferences and discussion events on offshore energy topics.

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